Monday, September 4, 2017


This isn't easy.

I have regained every last pound I lost. My eating is all over the place. A common day starts with a Nescafe Cappuccino sachet with added sugar, up to 2 heaped teaspoonfuls of raw sugar. I eat anything from porridge with yoghurt to toast or muffins for breakfast. Lunch is often whatever leftovers that go with egg or a sandwich, muffin or scone and dinner is usually meat and three veggies. The real problem is that I have become addicted to bread and baked products again. I try to keep my food reasonably healthy but there are far too many days when I eat many times a day and include sweet and wheat based food. I've also been drinking fizzy drinks, some diet but not always and either way it's not good for me.

I've simply lost my way.

We are away from Christchurch for the next month, house-sitting for friends. My goal is to re-establish a low carb diet as near to ketogenic as I can manage. I am also working on getting more active and establishing good exercise habits again too.

It's not that I've become completely careless but I let my chosen lifestyle become undermined when I found it stressful instead of pushing through. I've made countless false starts but just seemed unable to tough it through the inevitable Blaahs! which often kick in within hours of my decision.

I am short of breath, have arthritis and suffer with depression, fatigue and brain fog.

When we go back to Christchurch we will have our own full bathroom and my kitchen will be ready for installation.... I hope. We will have running water in our own place. There'll still be a lot of work to do to finish things but I will feel as though I have my own home once more ...... I hope.

Apart from the sheer discomfort of being in my aging and fat body I know my health is being compromised and I am extremely unfit. Some days I develop asthma like symptoms, puffing and huffing just getting dressed. Walking is often a struggle. That's what happens when you become a very lazy couch potato.

I need to get a grip and I have a great incentive. We've booked a Cruise for next year..... Hawaii to Miami through the Panama Canal. There will be sightseeing. We also want to do some touring in North America as this could well be our Swan Song. We're currently planning 3 weeks on Amtrak and Canadian Rail. To do this and make the most of city tours I need to be able to get on and off trains and buses with luggage and be able to walk comfortably for a mile without a rest and do it day after day after day.

I don't know whether I can get fit enough to do this but I'm going to give it a go.

Step one is to establish a low carb diet. I'm going to use Diet Doctors Keto Meal Plan. I doubt if I'll follow it perfectly. Rather I'll use it as a guide to get things under control and turn myself into a fat-burner again.

Step two is to begin a new a regular exercise program that will not cause me to become stressed and fail.

The house we live in has a lot of stairs, 30 from the entrance door to our bedroom. Today I walked down the drive to the road. It's not far, being only about 70m. but it's not flat. Just as the house is built rambling up a steep hillside, the drive is part of the hill but not as steep.

My plan is to increase my walk every 2 days so that I am adding 500m every 2 week period. I hope this does not cause me to become exhausted. I suspect I suffer from adrenal fatigue caused by years of stress.

I can start with 320 deliberate steps for fitness and add another 110 every 2nd day. Our driveway to the road and back here is 320 steps. I might need to take a rest day so will have to listen to my body. My hope is, that at the end of the first month I can walk a continuous kilometre.

Once we are home in Christchurch, I intend to buy an exercycle. That will be my main cardio with walking an add on when the weather suits. Although I've had surgery to repair much of the damage caused by permanent Bells Palsy my left eye does not close fully or blink naturally. Christchurch atmosphere is dusty and often windy. I wear cover up glasses but my eye is still vulnerable. That makes outdoor exercise uncomfortable. It's just not worth have a really sore eye.

Ideally I'd like to lose as much as 20 kg/44 pounds and be able to walk 5K/3miles without a break before we leave for our cruise about March 20th 2018.

I have a goal

I have a plan.

I know it works

I'm not very confident that I can apply the discipline required,

Day 1-2  150m. aprox 320 steps

Day 3-4    200m

Day 4-5  250m

Day 6-7  300m

Day 8-9 350m

Day 10-11 400m

Day 12-13  450m

Day 14-15 500m

Day 16-17 550m

Day 18-19  600m

Day 20-21  650m

Day 22-24 700m

Day 25-26 750m

Day 27-28 800m

Day 29-30 850m

Day 31-32  900m

Day 33-34  950m

Day 35-36 1000m

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